Saturday, January 06, 2007

Keeping Your Developers Happy, Nine Things Developers Want More Than Money

In the 1950s a researcher named Frederick Herzberg studied 200 engineers and accountants in the US. He asked them a few simple questions and came up with what is one of the most widely-accepted theories on job satisfaction called Two Factor Theory . His theory breaks job satisfaction into two factors:

* hygiene factors such as working conditions, quality of supervision, salary, safety, and company policies
* motivation factors such as achievement, recognition, responsibility, the work itself, personal growth, and advancement

This article Software by Rob, The Human Side of Software Development discusses 9 items below mentioned for the happiness of a developer;

1. Being Set Up to Succeed
2. Having Excellent Management
3. Learning New Things
4. Exercising Creativity and Solving the Right Kind of Problems
5. Having a Voice
6. Being Recognized for Hard Work
7. Building Something that Matters
8. Building Software without an Act of Congress
9. Having Few Legacy Constraints

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