Thursday, January 25, 2007

H.Tonguç YILMAZ Oracle Blog is a month old now :)

H.Tonguç YILMAZ Oracle Blog, with 66 posts of mine and nearly 2000 visits calculated by wordpress, last month was my primary concern. The most visited posts were as follows;

1- Introduction to Oracle Trace Utulity and..
2- Great news from Oracle Türkiye today..
3- Oracle Express Edition(XE) and Applicati..
4- Optimizer debug trace event - 10053 trac..
5- New Dictionary Enhancements with 10g - P..

Next month I think I will not be able to post to continue with my Oracle series because of important education events;
- I will be giving an Apex and a SQL tuning internal education in my company,
- I will be responsible and attending to 2 day kahin_tartisma 2007 winter summit, Mr.Lewis's latest book will be our topic,
- Mr.Lewis will be in Istanbul for a two day seminar on CBO, I hope to be there!
- Mr.Dyke will be in Istanbul for a two day seminar on RAC, I hope to be there!

What a month will it be, I will try to post my experiences shortly here though and hope to come back strong with the series at March.

So I expect that Oracle has a big part in my life; this blog is supposed to be "Non-Oracle" right :)

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