Monday, February 04, 2008

Herr Mannelig by Haggard

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Herr Mannelig(or: Herr Mannerlig) is a medieval Swedish ballad that tells the story of a desperate mountain troll who wishes to become human.

The troll believes that by marrying Sir Mannelig(Herr Mannelig) she would become a human.

She showers him with gifts but he perpetually refuses her, especially considering her lack of Christianity.

Though there are many different melodies and lyrics that have been adopted and attributed to this title over the course of time, this is the main story that most versions revolve about.

The ballad has recently been performed and recorded by the following artists: In Extremo, Garmarna, Haggard, Hedningarna, Psalteria, Seth & Satarial, Wolfenmond, Chur, Galtagaldr.

Herr Mannelig by Haggard

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